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Let us explain "recognizable quality" in the process of pressing and finishing of men's wear, which has definite rules. The quality of women's wear is expressed by touch feeling, so the quality can be improved throughout the washing processes.
Men's wear @
Shirt Quality Improvement
Implementing Neck Press Men's shirt is a major item for laundry service, and especially finishing on collars is very important. Neck Press will make a distinct difference in the finishing quality. So, first of all, Neck Press should be implemented.
Jacket Quality Improvement
Implementing Label Press Finishing skills are most reflected in a jacket, especially in the finishing from collar to chest as well as in a shirt. Label Press enables even a new part-time worker to finish a jacket three-dimensionally. This equipment will make you more competitive.
Trousers Quality Improvement
Implementing Leg Press Trousers are also important item, and they should have sharp creases. As their materials are diversified, they are the most difficult item to finish. Leg Press even can restore material touch, which any conventional equipment fails to give.
Women's wear @
Quality Improvement in women's wear
Implementing Static Drying System As materials of women's wear are delicate and a rotary dryer might damages them, it is recommended to implement Wet/Dry Static Dryer.
Implementing Small Lot Washing We recommend you to implement Small lot washing with high washing effect, with no damage to clothes. Reduction of production cost is, of course, achieved by implementing small lot production by delivery date and customer.
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